Network Solutions: Network Integration

Networks are in a constant state of change. More users, more speed, more capacity, more features - there are always additional demands being placed on a company's network - and PraGr can help you with all of them. Whether driven by company growth, technology advancements, or the host of other issues forcing businesses to provide better service to their customers, PraGr offers tremendous capability in assessing and implementing the best solutions and methodologies with the utmost effectiveness and efficiency.

Small to Medium Company Network Integration

For small to medium companies, PraGr's integration services may range from adding new users/printers/devices, to adding or rearranging network wiring, to installation of wireless equipment, to full server implementations and upgrades, to new firewall installation and configuration. Pick any device on your network and it can be upgraded to newer firmware or software. Even right out of the box, most devices are running outdated code. PraGr can help you determine what issues you may already have, what issues may arise in the future, and which of these issues should take priority.

Enterprise Network Integration

During the course of their respective careers, the engineering staff at PraGr has worked with and supported some of the largest companies in the United States. We bring a wealth of technical and business expertise to all of our clients - large and small. We have the skills, experience and credentials to assist even the largest of companies on a departmental, divisional and corporate-wide basis in the areas of planning, designing and implementing new technologies and tools within the most complex environments. From audits and independent third-party observations of existing environments to full Project Management, PraGr's talented staff can benefit your organization.