PraGr LLC, assists companies of all sizes in designing, procuring, building, installing and managing their Information Technology platforms.

Who is PraGr?

PraGr is a team of computer consulting professionals in Houston, and Galveston Texas, that have worked together in various capacities for more than 15 years. Our engineers have supported computing needs spanning the entire business spectrum - from Fortune 500, to small and mid-tier companies, to SOHO's - which gives us extensive, wide-ranging experience bases to draw against. PraGr brings a large pool of experience into the small medium business market so that the critical foundation of small business in our country has the same caliber of resources available that large companies receive.

Our Philosophy

At PraGr, we each have a say in how the company is run and what direction(s) we should go. We also have alliance partners who understand the contribution to customer loyalty and retention, and we each get satisfaction of a job well done. In short, while a simple "Thank You" from an appreciative client is generally lost in big corporate America, we get to hear it firsthand - and we thrive on it!!

Why PraGr?

PraGr is more than a "network integrator" - we are committed to our clients success, by their success we are successful.