small to medium business solutionsPraGr has developed a cost effective and process powered solution for small and medium business. Our solution provides applications server(s) and data storage that is optimally configured and utilizes industry standard hardware such as HP. The solution not only provides resiliency for daily operations but also provides a disaster recovery capability that will keep your business back up and running the same day in case of a catastrophic event.


PraGr specializes in Project-Based Networking Services and is structured to provide single-source provider solutions. PraGr provides continuous consulting, support services and products that your network environment may require. We offer our clientele a wide range of expertise in Local and Wide-Area networking technologies. Our staff of certified engineers has been designing, implementing troubleshooting and tuning data networks for many years, and our design capabilities span from one-segment, single-server business networks to complex, multi-segment, tiered multi-server enterprises.


In addition to turnkey solutions PraGr offers a support option to monitor and manage all of your network elements. Through both managed services and onsite support we become the IT department so you can focus on the business.

PraGr formed a team of alliance partners that are best of breed solution providers. This alliance group provides many services that previously were not in the PraGr portfolio. PraGr alliance partners include Telco Professional Services, Tier 4 data center based computing on demand, web development, database development, fiber/copper installation and management, and DBA support. Our strength has grown in numbers, and now we have a much more comprehensive suite of solutions to better support our customers.


In the Networking arena our Strategic Business Partners include Microsoft, HP, Symantec, Cisco and SCO. Our engineers specialize in leading Network Operating Systems such as Windows and VMware, Windows Small Business Server, as well as the many variations of Windows based systems. In addition, our staff includes engineers certified in commonly-used Network Monitoring and Packet Analysis tools, enabling us to deliver bit-level visibility when necessary.

PraGr has three support options to fit the needs and requirements of our clients. We collectively call this offering our Managed Services Program (MSP). There are three packages available within our MSP:

• Managed Hosting for self-supported environments

• Managed Monitoring for proactive monitoring of critical systems

• Managed Systems Support for clients who require technical support for systems


Managed Hosting:

The PraGr managed hosting solution provides state of the art high density computing models with resiliency. We host our equipment in a Tier 4 datacenter for strength and security. Our model includes the Infrastructure as a Service and all communications and storage is priced by the Meg or Gig. To provide flexibility and expansion capabilities as required, our model can be fixed monthly or a “computing on demand” model that allows month to month billing flexibility for rapidly changing IT environments.


Managed Monitoring (NOC):

Managed Monitoring (NOC) is based on the N-Central remote monitoring and management platform, we have a robust solution that is branded "N-Central". This comprehensive approach raises the support bar to bring an enhanced level of proactive and preventative services to our client base at a fixed monthly rate determined by the number of devices and their complexity. Managed Systems Support manages communications to clients for management of corporate systems and components – including corporate email, file/print services, work flow automation systems, financial systems, and time keeping systems. Managed Systems Support also has responsibility for:


• Management of Data Center facilities - includes locations, space, power, bandwidth, communications, and physical access.

• Management of the implementation and/or migration of Hosting Services clients. Develop and maintain standard practices and tools to ensure smooth, consistent integration of client systems.


Consulting Services

PraGr provides consulting services that are based on proven methodologies built over years of experience developing service offerings and processes to support the service offerings. Our consulting services include:


• Development of managed services support organizations and offerings

o For companies wanting to develop a managed services approach but needing experienced leadership to construct the plan and position staff and support offerings.


• Development of technology strategic plans that are based on business requirements

o For companies wanting to link a technology strategic plan with the business to form a more comprehensive productivity approach


• Reconstruction of support organizations in changing technology and cost environments

o Aligning support staff to meet support requirements and build a staffing methodology based on a managed services approach for best utilization of resources


Process Development

Process Development and ongoing support are both required however typically reactive support will always take precedence over building and documenting processes. Our years of experience have developed such best practices as:


• Service Desk process flows

• Problem management process through IT Tiers 1, 2 and 3.

o Tier 1 Service desk

o Tier 2 NOC technicians

o Tier 3 Systems administrators


Before any automation tools are selected and implemented, it is imperative that companies define as id practices and the targeted to be process flows before automation is implemented. Once the proper planning and internal workflow is defined, the tool selected will ultimately be the best solution to meet the company's defined goals and automate processes where possible.


Internally, PraGr LLC has defined and implemented key processes to allow us to bring a higher level of service to our clients. We have also deployed a new Project Management process that ensures the appropriate level of planning goes into each of our projects, as well as a defined process that ensures efficient execution. We get it done and we get it done right - plain and simple.


If your organization is struggling to develop clean, effective processes policies, procedures and/or project management solutions. PraGr LLC has the expertise to help you rapidly achieve your goals. PraGr LLC has a proven track record for developing and implementing processes and project management solutions.


Network Security

Technology-enabled corporations are faced with a wide range of potential security risks and exposures that must be addressed to protect, intellectual property as well as proprietary company data. Also other concerns that must be taken into consideration such as a company’s legal liability regarding its employees and their activities are also at risk. PraGr provides Security Audit services to help determine the risks that exist within an organization’s network, how to prioritize those risks and the best solutions to address each one.


IT Professional Services

In the Networking arena our Strategic Business Partners include Microsoft, HP, Symantec, Cisco and SCO. Our engineers specialize in leading Network Operating Systems such as Windows and VMware, Windows Small Business Server, as well as the many variations of Windows based systems. In addition, our staff includes engineers certified in commonly-used Network Monitoring and Packet Analysis tools, enabling us to deliver bit-level visibility when necessary.


If you are having connectivity problems, network performance issues, or if you just feel like you haven't gotten your money's worth from your network investment, PraGr LLC can help.


Web/Graphic Design

small to medium business solutionsTake PraGr LLC’s expertise to the web with our Web Development partner! We offer a full array of services for the web and we can host your site using Web Hosting solutions. PraGr LLC has experience in the areas of:


• Web Site Design & Development

• Search Engine Optimization

• Graphic Design, Advertising Design & Corporate ID

• Web Application Development

• Custom Programming

• Android & IOS Applications


See our portfolio here!

Does your company have specific database needs that can't seem to be met by anyone within your organization due to either available time or expertise? Let PraGr's qualified database experts organize your existing databases or help you build a customized database from the ground up.


PraGr's qualified experts can assess your needs in order to tailor a suitable solution to organize your data. We can take your existing database(s) and organize it into a manageable solution, complete with front ends for assessing and retrieving the data. PraGr LLC also offers as a managed service Database Administration (DBA) for MS SQL server on a recurring monthly basis.


Understanding the data from your database is just as important as proper management of the data. Net Team can help you with interpreting your data by providing customized browser interfaces to query, retrieve and display data, or we can implement Crystal reports to organize your data into graphical displays, complete with percentage summaries, monthly totals, or any summary that you need to see.